Vijay’s Villu – Download All Songs

Ok. Here is the download link to Villu’s Songs. I have to say I am a bit dissapointed. Not that the songs are bad. Just that it doesn’t really catch me though I feel I’ll like them better when I watch the movie.

Download Villu Songs Here

Another reason for this setback is the song rumours that was going on the net. There were 3 songs stated as leaked and played on youtube and other sites for some time now. Most of us actually liked the songs and believed its from Villu. kind of sad that it is actually not from Villu thus we will not enjoy scenes with Vijay in those songs.

Nevertheless those imitated Villu songs were awesome and hats off to those guys who composed and sung it. Have come to know the songs are from a Malaysian Tamil Album. Listen to my favourite song from it.

P.S.  Guess they could have avoided fooling us though truth is by doing that, they have achieved a level of audiences and fans.


~ by million2b on December 16, 2008.

One Response to “Vijay’s Villu – Download All Songs”

  1. where is the original video man?

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