Super Singer 2008 – Medley Round

OK. The contestants has just finished the first day for the Medley round and we can already feel the heat and tension of the competition rising by the minute. Judging by the performances so far, the singer Vijay has really pulled it off to the best. Though I couldn’t really relate to his earlier performances like when he sang ‘Minnale’, this time it seemed flawless. I couldn’t understand the lyrics of the opening song but his voice was simply marvellous and believe me; I kept repeating and repeating that part of his singing and just loved it. Take a look at his performance.

Now Lets go to the worst performance and who else but dear RaginiSri! She has really been hitting the spotlight for all the wrong reasons in my opinion. I mean come on. Can’t the judges hear that her voice is cracking like crazy? She was nearly breathless by the middle of the song and yet the review were all above average from the judges. I am seriously having doubts that she does indeed has some internal connections keeping her in the competition. Take a look below and judge yourself.

I recall in the early stages of the competition when people like ‘Deepan’ were judging, one crack in the voice and off they go from the audition. We are in such a mature stage in the competition and this is being entertained?

And one more thing. Chinmayi is back. Now again no information or whatsoever and she is back. Something is really fishy here. I mean usually it is courtesy for stand-in hosts to announce the reason for the previous host to be absent to the audience which didn’t occur. Is she back by popular demand?


~ by million2b on December 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Super Singer 2008 – Medley Round”

  1. Squalid: Perhaps chinmay’s blog has the answers.

  2. Yup, I did check out her recent post which kind of did answer most questions. Good news is it does seems like a sincere and real response. Bad news is those horrible Duo are coming to host again!

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