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Been awhile since I updated this blog.

Doing this post as part of my assignment to create a blog and post a message.


We Are Officially Moving to www.tamilshout.com

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We are officially moving this blog to www.tamilshout.com as of today. Visit us at www.tamilshout.com for the same great experience as always.


Singer Krish About To Wed Actress Sangeetha

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You have got to hear this. The singer Krish (the guy who sang the blockbuster song ‘June Pona’ from the movie ‘Unnale Unnale’) is going to marry the actress Sangeetha! Why the exclamation mark you ask? Cos it came as a shock to me. Not that Krish is some hunk or what but Sangeetha? That woman looks more like his aunt and seriously a poor addition to the cinema industry.


I know inner beauty outbeats external and I am not shallow in my thinking. The pair just don’t match in my view. Hope what Krish sees in her works out. All the best to you 2 anyway.

P.S. The wedding is scheduled for Feb 1st next year. Krish, you still have got time to step out of it my man.

Super Singer 2008 – Retro Round

•December 17, 2008 • 5 Comments

Ok. We are down to the last ten in this incredible competition where all 10 are really good singers. It is the Retro round and well we are mostly listening to the voice replica of the legend SPB. This guy Ajish sang really well in this episode and I feel he did the best though the judges voted Prasanna to top the list. Take a look for yourself.

As for the rest I feel they are pretty close less RaginiSri. The judges got to be kidding that she is still around in this competition. She has come up to be the weak link many times now but always escaping the gallows. Are the judges enacting it to make it seem like they are not favouring her? I think it is making their cover worse cos we are not stupid. Until this woman gets eliminated, my doubts on the judges will not be waived.

P.S. Two things were a total put off in this show. One is the host and the other is the pair up for the host. Can’t they really get anyone else? That guy host keeps singing everytime after the break and sadly we are made to hear. I am sure if he took part in this competition, he would have been eliminated long ago. He should be counting his lucky stars for being Malaysia Vasudevan’s son.

P.P.S. After Chinmayi who always said the same line everytime she starts her speech after every break, Unni Krishnan found his own. ‘ரொம்ப‌ ந‌ல்லா இருக்கு’ meaning ‘was very nice’. He says this to all contestants before he starts to say their flaws which is usually quite a list. Guess not all that nice after all!

Trisha – Her Drunk and Clubbing Photos

•December 17, 2008 • 6 Comments

I’m sure you have heard news on Trisha getting drunk and creating rackets in clubs and so on. but have you seen pictures of her in her shaky state? Take a look. Stunning to say the least!



P.S.  Getting drunk and having a little partying is not a bad thing but to actually get caught by media and appear on the net? You got to know your limits gal or did your friends sold your photo? Either way, bad judgement for a celebrity.

Karthik’s Paiya – New Heroine Tamanna Chosen

•December 16, 2008 • 9 Comments

There is yet another change of heroine in the movie ‘Paiya’ again. This time Tamanna has signed on the dotted line for the role for a rumoured half price that of what Nayanthara demanded. She has claimed to not have any knowledge on the fact that Nayanthara had walked out of the project.


This woman is clearly swarming the kollywood industry. She is already awaiting release for her films she acted with high marketed actors like Suriya in ‘Ayan’ and Danush in ‘Padikkathavan’. She is also about to act alongside another wanted hero Barath in a movie tentatively titled ‘Raja Rani’ and now ‘Paiya’  alongside Karthik just got added to the list.

Seriouly girls, watch out for this woman cos she seems on fire.

P.S. Tamanna, staying in the industry and you didn’t know that Nayanthara rejected the deal? Is that an indirect claim to be way too busy? Seriously I don’t see any flaw in you taking up that role but the likely lie you have said degrades you.

P.P.S. By the way, didn’t Trisha clinch the role in ‘Paiya’ after Nayanthara? What happened? No one seems to be breathing a word about it. Hmm…. I wonder..

Vijay’s Villu – Download All Songs

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Ok. Here is the download link to Villu’s Songs. I have to say I am a bit dissapointed. Not that the songs are bad. Just that it doesn’t really catch me though I feel I’ll like them better when I watch the movie.

Download Villu Songs Here

Another reason for this setback is the song rumours that was going on the net. There were 3 songs stated as leaked and played on youtube and other sites for some time now. Most of us actually liked the songs and believed its from Villu. kind of sad that it is actually not from Villu thus we will not enjoy scenes with Vijay in those songs.

Nevertheless those imitated Villu songs were awesome and hats off to those guys who composed and sung it. Have come to know the songs are from a Malaysian Tamil Album. Listen to my favourite song from it.

P.S.  Guess they could have avoided fooling us though truth is by doing that, they have achieved a level of audiences and fans.